Led by Walid Chabba, our Crew is a bunch of surf enthusiasts with years of experience. We're not just here to teach; we're here to welcome you into our surf family and show you what the surfing lifestyle is all about!

Whether you're a total beginner eager to ride your first wave or a pro looking to level up, Ola Surf Maroc is the place to be for a true Moroccan surf experience.

Check out our surf lessons and cool excursions on our website. Got questions? Don't hesitate to shoot us a message. Your dream holiday in Morocco is just a click away!

Ola Surf Maroc – where the surf is great, the vibes are chill, and memories are made!

Our Packages

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of surfing with Ola Surf Maroc, your gateway to an unforgettable adventure in the Moroccan waves. Nestled in the beautiful town of Tamraght, our surf school embodies the quintessence of the Moroccan coastal lifestyle, where the Atlantic Ocean blends harmoniously with authentic local culture.

Surf Coaching

Surf coaching is intended for beginner and intermediate surfers. This training aimed to help progressing your surf technique, getting comfortable in the water and catching more waves.           

Surf Guiding

Surf Guiding is for experienced surfers who already know how to catch waves, do turns, and know how to duck dive. We bring you to the best surf spots based on the surf conditions and the type of wave you're looking for.

Surf & Yoga

Yoga and surfing go hand in hand, as the essential requirements for surfing are the same as for yoga: - Balance - Coordination - Flexibility - Control - Strength & Endurance.

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Excursions & Extras

The adventure doesn’t stop on the waves. Explore the hidden treasures of Morocco with our exciting excursions. Go horseback riding through breathtaking landscapes, feel the adrenaline on a quad bike through the golden desert, or delight in authentic Moroccan cuisine during our cooking classes.

Our Blog

Of course, in addition to the excitement of surfing, we offer a variety of other activities to enrich your experience. You can explore stunning destinations nearby including Paradise Valley, the impressive sand dunes, Imessouane and visiting the argan oil production cooperative. These excursions will allow you to discover the natural and cultural beauty of the region, immerse yourself in breathtaking landscapes and learn more about the rich local traditions. This is a great opportunity to complete your surfing adventure with unforgettable discoveries and moments of relaxation. Whether you’re a surfing enthusiast or just want to explore the area, we have something special to offer you.

Tamraght !
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