The various spots of Agadir – Taghazout

The Agadir region has many surf spots for all levels. The quality of the waves offered in the region constitutes a real heritage which attracts surfers from all over the world around Agadir / Taghazout / Imsouane. All of the Souss Massa surf spots have information panels and basic equipment to keep the places clean. The information panels installed at the main spots will allow you to know the optimal conditions of each spot (best tide, swell and wind direction, sandy or rocky bottom, nearby spots).

To give you ideas on surf spots, here are some:

11 km

A left that is close to the surf camp, and most of the time it is not very populated. K11 is a point break where you can improve your surfing at low tide, and at high tide. The first Australian to surf here was famous surfer Taj Burrow. This beach is long and sandy. If there is no surfing, you can do other sports, for example jogging or a yoga session, or simply relax in a quiet corner


It’s a nice wave on a beach break that isn’t too powerful. At K12 you can find an easy left and right for beginners and intermediates.

Proximity to the surf camp: Straight ahead, 10 minutes walk


Anza is a really cool place to surf. It is a beach with a part of reef on the left side and a beach break on the right.

Between your sessions, you can also take a break and relax in a café right in front of the sea.


Banana Village is famous for its bananas and delicious tagines. You will find Banana Beach with a long wave to the right. It is a reef spot accessible to all levels of surfers.

Devil’s Rock

It’s a right on beach break, near a famous restaurant that offers freshly caught fish. You will find the famous Devil’s Rock on this beach. This place is very nice for all levels of surfers.


Panorama is a long straight on a beach break. Panorama is the ideal spot for beginners, but it also offers incredible waves depending on the conditions, for more advanced levels.


On this spot, you can surf in a small swell. It is next to Anchor Point and a strong right at low tide. Mystery a reef break where you can try to do airs and turns, because the wave is fast! If all the conditions are there, and if you’re lucky, you might even be able to surf a few tubes.

Anchor Point

It is an incredible and famous point break all over the world. At low tide with the onshore wind you will find perfect conditions for tubing and big turns. You will love! With good conditions, Anchor Point is a long straight, which is one of the best waves in the world. It is likely to come across international pro surfers surfing this wave. it’s an amazing place to watch the pros. Anchor Point is the only place you can surf when there are really big swells. Moroccan locals love this wave, and you will find many of them in this place. But don’t worry, they’re nice people and you’ll have fun.

The Killer Point

The Killer Point resembles Belles Beach in Australia. To reach a peak, it is a long way to paddle with a strong current. But if you can make it, the waves you’ll find are incredible. The Killer Point point break is powerful. You can surf in big swells, but also with small waves it’s a beautiful place.


This place is very nice for surfing both lefts and rights, at low tide and high tide. This is a good wave to progress on, because you will have a longer glide. The Source is small and mighty. This is one of the favorite waves of Brazilian professional surfer Adriano de Souza.


It is a reef break with the longest right in all of Morocco. This is perfect in offshore conditions, and the wave is often smooth. For a good surf session you should always be there early enough. At low tide there is no beach to get in and out of, you have to jump rocks to get in and the only way out is to climb the rocks too.

Distance from Ola Surf Morocco: Drive 30 minutes north


It’s a right on a reef break and very clean waves. It’s next to Dracula. You can surf Boilers at high tide and low tide.


This is beach break, where you will find different types of waves. You can have left and right waves at the same time. You can choose the ones you prefer. Tamri is a nice place for beginners, intermediates and pros. And you can find almost any surfing condition there. Be careful because sometimes the current is strong. If it is flat in other places, Tamri is the only place where you will find waves.


Large and accessible on foot, the bay is a magnificent spot suitable for everyone. It measures 800 meters and its peak is easily reached from the sea wall of the fishing port. Surfing here is done at mid-tide and low tide. The instructors will make you enjoy long, straight, slightly hollow and regular waves. Imesouane Bay encourages rapid progression for surfers of all levels. And through extra activities, on olasurfmaroc.


Unlike other spots, the Reef waves are shorter and quite disjointed. They are suitable for intermediate level surfers, as they are quite practical for those who want to try shortboarding. The waves are right and left, and, unlike La Baie, the ideal time to surf the reef is during the rising tide. After your surf sessions, enjoy a magnificent landscape in the evening with a breathtaking sunset, all in a friendly atmosphere with the Ola Surf Maroc team!

Cathédral Point

It is the ideal destination for seasoned and professional surfers. If you are tired of surfing long waves, the Cathedral Point spot will suit you, it works best with big swells. However, you must be experienced enough to deploy on this spot, because it contains technical complexities that you will not find in the surrounding area. But rest assured, the instructors will remain entirely at your side to support you in your discoveries!