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Of course, in addition to the excitement of surfing, we offer a variety of other activities to enrich your experience. You can explore stunning destinations nearby including Paradise Valley, the impressive sand dunes, Imessouane and visiting the argan oil production cooperative. These excursions will allow you to discover the natural and cultural beauty of the region, immerse yourself in breathtaking landscapes and learn more about the rich local traditions. This is a great opportunity to complete your surfing adventure with unforgettable discoveries and moments of relaxation. Whether you’re a surfing enthusiast or just want to explore the area, we have something special to offer you.

Magnifique oasis entourée de palmiers!

Une vue panoramique extraordinaire sur l’océan vous attend,

Excursion à Paradise valley


The Paradise Valley tour from Agadir is a popular experience for visitors looking to experience the natural beauty and tranquility of the area. Paradise Valley is located approximately 60 kilometers north of Agadir, in the Anti-Atlas Mountains of Morocco. It is a place famous for its natural pools, waterfalls, rock formations and breathtaking landscapes.

On this excursion, you will have the opportunity to walk through scenic trails, swim in refreshing freshwater pools, and relax in soothing natural surroundings. Natural swimming pools usually offer crystal clear waters in which you can swim and relax while enjoying the natural beauty around you.

Many tours are offered from Agadir to take you to Paradise Valley. They usually include transportation from your accommodation in Agadir, a local guide to accompany you and inform you about the area, and free time to explore and enjoy the pools and surrounding areas.

Don’t forget to bring swimming clothes, a towel, sunscreen, water and comfortable shoes for walking the rocky trails. Also be sure to check the specific details of the tour you choose, as offerings may vary in terms of itinerary and amenities.

In summary, a trip to Paradise Valley from Agadir is a great opportunity to get away from the city and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Morocco. It is a relaxing and refreshing experience, perfect for lovers of nature and picturesque landscapes.

Day trip: located 1 hour drive.

In the program :

  • Departure from Surf Camp between 9 a.m. and 9:30 a.m.
  • Option to visit the Argan cooperative
  • Discovery of the Paradise Valley
  • Tasting a delicious tagine with a view of the palm grove
  • Return scheduled for the afternoon

Predictable :

  • Swimsuit
  • Towel
  • Solar cream
  • Sneakers



Paradise Valley est une partie de la vallée de la rivière d’Imourane, La vallée est connue  avec ces bassins rocheux ces petites cascades.


Excursion located 3/4 hours – approximately 1 hour drive

An extraordinary panoramic view of the ocean awaits you, the small desert is ideal for an unforgettable sunset.

After a good day of surfing, departure in the afternoon depending on the time of sunset.

In the program :

Walk in the dunes
Souvenir photos in the desert
A magical sunset, the sound of the waves, you will feel like nowhere else
Return after sunset.
Predictable :

Solar cream

Excursion à Imessouane

An excursion from Tamraght to Imsouane offers a great opportunity to discover two emblematic places for surfing and relaxation in the Agadir region. Here is an overview of what you can expect on this excursion:

Suggested route:

Departure from Tamraght: Start your excursion from Tamraght. You can take a taxi, rent a car or opt for other available means of transportation.
Scenic route: The journey between Tamraght and Imsouane offers magnificent views of the Moroccan coast. You can appreciate the beauty of the landscapes, including cliffs, beaches and coastal villages.
Arrival in Imsouane: Once you arrive in Imsouane, you will be greeted by the peaceful atmosphere of this charming fishing village. Imsouane is known for its long and gentle wave “La Bay” as well as its local culture.
Surf session at La Bay: Enjoy a surf session at “La Bay”. This wave offers exceptionally long rides and is ideal for longboard surfers. It’s a unique experience that you won’t want to miss.
Relax on the beach: After your surf session, you can relax on the beach, admire the ocean view and maybe even sunbathe.
Exploring the village: Stroll through the village of Imsouane to discover its authentic charm. You may be able to visit the fishing port, interact with the locals and learn about the local culture.
Lunch: Enjoy lunch at one of the local restaurants. Imsouane usually offers a variety of fresh dishes based on seafood and Moroccan specialties.
Return to Tamraght: After spending time in Imsouane, you can head back to Tamraght. Enjoy the coastal scenery again along the way.
Practical advice :

– Make sure to check the surf conditions in Imsouane before you go, to choose the ideal time for your surf session.
– Bring comfortable clothes for surfing, swimsuits, sunscreen, a towel and possibly a camera to capture the memorable moments.
– Respect the environment and local rules throughout your excursion, ensuring the cleanliness of the place and respect for the inhabitants.
– If you don’t surf, you can still enjoy the natural beauty of Imsouane, take a stroll on the beach or simply relax in the village.

An excursion from Tamraght to Imsouane offers an enriching experience, whether you are a surfing enthusiast or simply looking for a relaxing place to spend the day.


Day trip, 1 hour drive.


=> Departure from Surf Camp at 9 a.m.

=> Arrival in Imsouane between 10:30 a.m. and 11 a.m.

=> Surfing

=> Picnic

=> Return at the end of the afternoon

=> Option: Sunset in the desert

Predictable :

Solar cream
Pocket money if you want to enjoy grilled fish

Coopérative d’huile Argan

An argan oil cooperative is an establishment where local women in Morocco produce argan oil from argan nuts. Argan oil is a precious oil extracted from the nuts of the argan tree, a tree indigenous to the southwest region of Morocco. This oil is widely used in cooking, cosmetics and traditional medicine for its nourishing and beneficial properties for the skin, hair and health.

Argan oil cooperatives have an important economic, social and cultural role in the argan-producing regions of Morocco. They allow local women to earn an income by participating in the production of argan oil. These cooperatives often aim to support the economic emancipation of women and improve their living conditions by providing employment and training opportunities.

The main stages of argan oil production within a cooperative are as follows:

Nut collection: Women collect argan nuts from the trees. These nuts contain seeds from which the oil will be extracted.
Shelling: The nuts are shelled to extract the seeds. This can be a laborious and delicate process.
Roasting: The seeds are then roasted to develop their flavor and facilitate oil extraction. This step can also influence the color of the oil.
Grinding: The roasted seeds are ground to obtain a paste called “amlou”. This paste is then pressed to extract the argan oil.
Separation: The oil is separated from the paste and filtered to obtain a pure, high quality oil.
Use: Argan oil can be used for cooking, skin and hair care, and in the production of cosmetic products.
When you visit an argan oil cooperative in Morocco, you can learn about the production process, witness the different stages, and purchase argan oil and other derived products. It is also an opportunity to support local communities and contribute to the sustainable development of the region.


Program :

=> Departure from the Riad after the day of surfing

=> Visit to the botanical garden

=> Return to the Riad

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