Bienvenue chez l'ecole Ola Surf Maroc

Welcome to Ola Surf Maroc school

Learn a surfer with the most fun surf school in Morocco! Located less than 100m from the ocean in the center of Tamghart, the Olasurfmaroc surf school welcomes you all year round for surf lessons and courses in the waves of the Agadir region. Whatever your level, your age or your physical condition, our Ola surf Morocco school will be able to adapt to make your session a highlight of your vacation.

If you are lucky enough to spend several days in our surf school in Morocco, a surf course is the ideal option to have fun while progressing.

Indeed, unlike a simple course, the surf course allows you to set up a very precise learning and development program, step by step.

Generally over a week, these stages also have the advantage of ensuring you practice in different wave conditions, which will make you a real surfer.

For various reasons, you prefer to learn surfing alone. Is it possible ? What mistakes should you avoid making? Discover our advice for starting out alone safely.

What is expected in a lesson?

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  1. Training – in our 30 minute land portion of the lesson you will learn and practice a variety of different pop up techniques that you will need to know before you head out into the ocean to catch your waves.
  2. Wave Riding – Now that you’ve learned the basics of security and pop-ups, it’s time to put your new skills to the test! Spend the rest of the time in the ocean surfing with your instructor.
  3. Knowledge – basic wave reading, including all possible factors.
  4. Safety – despite the above water safety and ocean awareness, basic ocean safety paddling and positioning on the board.

Our lesson offers for

During the lessons you will learn the first basics of surfing, in order to have faster and more consistent progression. Support will always be close by, allowing all existing errors to be corrected correctly.

Intended for all students who already have some experience. Lessons for intermediate allow more advanced technique progression with contact with several different types of waves. In these lessons we seek to improve trimming, turns, etc.

Our advanced lessons (Surf Guiding) are aimed at experienced surfers.
Once you get past the takeoff, full turn, and duck dive stage, with these lessons you can quickly make your surfing more progressive.

OLASURFMAROC advanced courses have a maximum of 4 students per instructor and take place at the spot that offers the best conditions on the day of the session. For those purchasing 3 or more sessions, video analysis of each session is included.

Lessons with children have a different approach, with the main objective being safety and fun. Children are organized in a lesson group with other children, but we also organize family, child and parent groups.

With our private lessons progress will go even faster, because the instructor's attention will be exclusively for the student, which allows for more intensive corrections.

Our instructors will teach you the basics that will guide you through the difficult process of learning to surf. Regardless of your skill level, you'll learn the basics of board handling, positioning, page, various stand-up techniques, surf etiquette, ocean literacy, and water safety.
Although group lessons are great fun, some people prefer to learn on their own. We completely understand, which is why we want to make it as easy as possible for them to choose the time of our schedule that suits them best (subject to availability). Some people are just shy when trying to learn something new, which is another reason why they opt for private surf lessons rather than in a group. This gives them the opportunity to ask all the questions they wouldn't dare ask in a group class.

Our prices

Because we know you want the best Surfing at the best prices. We offer different rates on 5, 7, 10, and 14 day reservations. Each rate has its own advantages.

Surf Guiding

5 days 300 €
7 days 420 €
10 days 600 €
14 days 840 €

Surf Coaching

5 days 380 €
7 days 494 €
10 days 760 €
14 days 1064 €